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Learn Eyelash Extensions

Performing eyelash extensions, or becoming a lash artist is a rewarding, fun, creative career.  Enjoy the stability of repeat customers, the creativity of bringing out the best in your client’s features and even the benefits of owning your own business.  Learning eyelash extensions, can be difficult but it’s challenge brings great returns on it’s investment.

You must possess good hand/eye coordination, decent eye sight (able to thread a needle), good depth perception and no serious back or neck issues.  Westchester Lashes will teach you all you need to know about eyelash extensions in our comprehensive 2 days course.  We keep our class sizes small (less than 4 people) and have plenty of hands-on portions.  If you live in the area, you may continue with one-on-one mentorship, a priceless way to advance your career quickly and efficiently, bypassing the learning curve of being a beginner.

If you prefer to work 1:1 with Nicole, she is always available for 1:1 trainings or semi-private trainings (you and a friend) and highly recommends them for accelerating your lash career.  You can also chose a low cost option of skype/email coaching for questions that arise after training for support on a weekly or monthly basis to cover any questions that arise with difficult lashes, supplies, retention issues, if you have already taken a lash class elsewhere but feel you need a little extra support.

Nicole also travels to salons for private group trainings as well.  Check out the schedule and fill out the form with any training inquiries.

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call and Nicole will personally answer any questions you may have.

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Income Potential with Eyelash Extensions

Cost of Training
Average Procedure Cost
Average Weekly Inome based on 10 clients
Annual Income (average)

*Individual Results May Vary based on location, hours worked, prices charged and marketing efforts

What You Will Learn In Basic Eyelash Extensions Course:

Day 1

  • All About Eyes – Everything you ever needed to know about eyes to safely perform eyelash extensions without damaging natural lashes or causing infection.  Shape, anatomy, disease, sanitation, common problems and other topics.

  • Performing Eyelash Extensions – step by step instructions on how to perform a full set, a touch-up and a removal.  Teacher will demo several techniques, hands on practice on mannequin heads, videos and practice sessions.  Topics also include client consultation, tool selection and use, products, glues and in depth guide on how to perform eyelash extensions safely and efficiently.

  • Basic Business Builder Session – how any lash tech can build a successful business with great retention and clientele.

Day 2

  • Mannequin Practice with lots of one on one attention

  • Practice on Live Models

3 Day Option:

Stay for a third day to learn all about the business of eyelash extensions and what it takes to build a successful clientele.  Your teacher will cover topics such as setting up facebook, instagram, a wordpress website, basic SEO, networking, business issues to tackle right away, such as bookkeeping, finding space to work, common beginner mistakes.  Learn from a business owner with 10 years experience operation in Los Angeles & Westchester County.  Learn what it takes to create a 3 week waiting list and to be completely booked.  Session will also include Q & A with other students as well.

Benefits of Learning Eyelash Extensions

  • Rewarding Career – Create a financially rewarding career for yourself and your family that will put a smile on your face and others.

  • Have Fun At Work

  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Take Your Skills Wherever You Want – low overhead and easy to create a flexible work life


  • Printed Manual with detailed step by step instructions

  • A Kit with amazing products to perform full sets for your first 20 clients

  • A printed certificate to display

  • Marketing Materials


Basic Eyelash Extensions Course

January 7, 2018 - January 8, 2018